Creating natural magic

Natureworks animals

Natureworks creates magical sculptures of imaginary and giant creatures, and museum-quality replicas of native animals, birds and marine life. It is certainly a unique business – where else can you see dinosaurs, gorillas, giant toads, unicorns and pirates in one place?

With a catalogue of thousands of products, many of which are customised or built to order, Natureworks recognised the need to support the sales process via their website and marketing materials. We discussed what was needed, created a site plan and designed screen mock-ups to nut out the details. I then worked with the client and web developer to build a new website. This is now launched, and is in the process of being updated with product details, better images, cross-linked project case studies, and so on.

As well as gradually improving the website, we are working on new designs and content for catalogues/brochures targeted at specific industry sectors or topic areas. Check the gallery below for some sample, as yet unpublished, pages.

BTW if you’re wondering who buys a giant redback spider, scary crocodile, fossil dig or towering artificial tree, check out Natureworks projects. Clients include childcare centres, local councils, landscape gardeners, shopfitters, architects, shopping centres, hotels, themed event organisers, mini-golf course owners, interior designers, ordinary householders wanting something different, and many more…

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