Learning & innovation hub proposal

High tech touch screen innovation

‘The Fulcrum’ is a proposed educational facility focused on sustainability and innovation. A learning space without boundaries, it will have a network of educational and industry contacts and programs that provide space to experiment, explore and share knowledge.

The proposed learning hub will be for school students, teachers, business owners, entrepreneurs, community groups and local residents. Collaborative learning, smart technology and ongoing sustainability will be at the heart of The Fulcrum’s approach.

Communicating the concept

To develop the concept, community group Samford Commons, together with a number of interested schools, educators, service providers and industry organisations submitted an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Moreton Bay Regional Council. This EOI was for a lease opportunity at Samford Parklands near Brisbane in SE Queensland.

Working with a team of local volunteers, we planned, wrote and designed various communication materials to support the EOI:

  • Overview brochure aimed to inspire people about the concept
  • The Fulcrum web mini-site within the Samford Commons website
  • FAQs to address concerns and convey detailed information
  • An executive summary for the EOI, and Microsoft Word design templates to help make the submission more professional.

The submission, although well-supported, was not successful in this instance. However, the concept lives on and local community members are looking at how to take it forward with or without a physical campus.

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