Building a brand for Everworth Building

Everworth Building in Emerald QLD

Designing branding for a new business requires an understanding of how the business will position itself in the marketplace. Determining how to differentiate a business from competitors is an essential part of branding design. This involves discovering the strengths, values and unique selling points of the business.

Branding a new building business

Everworth Building is a new business providing carpentry, home renovation and general building services in the town of Emerald in Queensland. After researching the market and discussing brand values with the owners, it was evident Everworth’s focus would be on quality, reliability and professionalism. They want to be known for providing a trustworthy, reliable service – a builder who does what they say they will and gets it right first time. To reinforce this concept, we created the slogan “A quality job. Every time”.

Logo and branding

To promote a professional image, the logo design avoids usual cliches for a building company (such as images of tools, roofs, timber, etc). Instead, it features strong, friendly typography, a recognisable symbol, and a clear tagline that confidently states the main brand message. The brand carries through onto clothing and vehicle signage, which are highly visible promotion opportunities for the brand.

Web design and copywriting

The simple one-page website is designed to help potential customers find the business, and reassure them they are dealing with a reputable company. The web text and layout follow SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) best practice principles. The website aims to attract local customers searching for a reliable builder in Emerald Qld.